Attendance Updates and Reminders

Dear Parents/Guardians:

 We would like you to please note the following Attendance Updates and Reminders:

The Halton Catholic District School Board, through our “Automated Attendance Notification”, has implemented a “Safe Arrival Policy” for our secondary students – the intent is to ensure that parents are aware whether or not their child(ren) have arrived to school in the morning.  An email and/or phone call is sent to Priority 1 & 2 Emergency Contacts’ home number and cell at approximately 11:45 a.m. daily to let parents/guardians know about any unexplained absences (i.e. unaccounted for students).  The regular attendance notification will continue to go out after 4:00 pm.

Our Attendance #  is 905-257-3534 (press 1) – not 905-257-0819 (this is an old line and messages on this number cannot be retrieved).   A reminder:  we have more than 1300 students and staff at HT and only 6 phone lines – therefore the attendance line may often be busy.  Please note that you can leave a message – the Voice Mailbox holds 500 calls and is always available.

If your child is to arrive after 8:40 a.m., Parent Approval must be received prior to the student’s arrival or the student must have a note, and the student must “sign in” at the Attendance Office or absences will be considered Truant. (“LATE” means 10-20 minutes, please state estimated time of arrival if longer).

If your child is to leave before 2:40 p.m., Parent Approval must be received prior to the student’s departure and student must “sign out” at the Attendance Office or absences will be considered Truant (includes leaving during lunch hour). If students are ill, they need to report to and call from the Attendance Office.

If you receive an automated message indicating your child was absent from class, but your child says he/she was present, please do not leave a message or send a note – remind the student to go to the Attendance Office first thing the next school day for an “Attendance Verification” sheet, as per Attendance Policy. It is the student’s responsibility to have errors corrected.

Teachers get a report every day at 3:00 p.m. to explain their students’ absences – if Attendance has not received a note or phone call prior to 2:30 p.m. then the student is recorded as “Unexplained Absence”. Students are to come to the Attendance Office first thing the following school day to have that cleared from their record OR the absence remains as a Truancy.

We encourage parents to take note of High Volume Days –  the day or 2 prior to Christmas Break, March Break, Easter Break, and exams – please plan ahead and notify the Attendance office if your child(ren) needs to miss these or other school days (ie. Family vacation, tournaments, appointments, etc) – these can be recorded in the Attendance Program in advance.  We encourage our parents/guardians to send notes which are always given to the Attendance Secretary – not classroom teachers. Notes must be kept on file in the attendance office and teachers will be notified daily about parent approved absences.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Denise, our attendance secretary at 905-257-3534 (press 1).


Justine O’Grady   (Principal)

Denise Zucchiatti  (Attendance Secretary)

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