Welcome to Holy Trinity English/ELL/Moderns department page. It is our goal to guide and educate our students according to the Ontario curriculum while incorporating our deeply rooted Catholic teachings. To ensure student success; traditional and modern literature, various media texts and many other teacher selected materials are used to encourage students to become self-directed/life-long learners and critical thinkers.


Meet our department:

  • Mme. K. Consoli (Moderns – French)
  • Mrs. J. Crowell (English)
  • Mme. C. D’Amore (Moderns – French)
  • Ms. A. Di Diodato (English)
  • Mr. D. Joseph (English)
  • Ms. M. Keats (English/Film Studies)
  • Mr. D. Martino (English)
  • Mrs. A. Montanari (Moderns – Italian)
  • Mrs. S. Moretta  Department Head (English/ELL)
  • Mr. R. Nacevicius (English)
  • Mrs. C. Nayyar (English)
  • Mrs. Z. Reeves (ELL)
  • Mme. E. Silvestri (Moderns – French)
  • Mrs. T. Vella (English)
  • Ms. T. Ventura (English)

“Language is the road map of a culture.  It tells you where its people come from and where they are going”

Rita Mae Brown

Literacy development is a communal project, and the teaching of literacy skills is embedded across the Ontario curriculum. However, it is the English curriculum that is dedicated to developing the knowledge and skills on which literacy is based that is, knowledge and skills in the areas of listening and speaking, reading, writing, and viewing and representing.

– Ontario Curriculum, 2007