Grade 11 Information


As you move into the Senior level of High School, the courses change to fit the potential pathway you are going to explore. The courses you choose will impact your post secondary destination, so we encourage you to make an appointment with your counsellor to plan properly.

Transition from Junior to Senior Level Courses:

Using myBlueprint:

Specialty Programs in Grade 11:

Because you have more space in your timetable, Grade 11 is a great time to start to explore programs that may interest you or help you in your future career. See your counsellor for further details and application forms for these specialty programs:

CO-OP: (Click for more details!)

Cooperative Education programs combine a full-semester, half-day work placement in the community with a school-based classroom component to earn 2 co-op credits.

The classroom component of co-op helps students:

  • prepare for the work placement
  • make connections, regularly throughout the semester, between experiences in the workplace and the learning in the subject to which the co-op credit is related
  • reflect on and analyze their experiences in the workplace

Specialty Programs:

There are SEVERAL opportunities to explore different pathways through the Halton Catholic Board. Click on the website link below and see your Guidance Counsellor for more information.

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