Grade 9 Information


Option Sheets due – WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 27TH!

Students must submit to your Period 1 Teacher:

  • A Course Selection Sign-Off Sheet from myBlueprint with signature.
  • A Student Information and Disclosure Sign-Off Sheet from myBlueprint with signatures.
  • Student Activity Fee $65 – Must be paid through School Cash On Line  (paper receipt is required!)

Also, students may be handing in co-op and eLearning, application forms.

All 3 items MUST be completed (including all signatures) and submitted in order to be accepted by the homeroom teacher.

Teachers will be collecting the course selections from their students from Wednesday, February 27th to Friday, March 1st

After this date, the must submit them directly to Student Services/Guidance Office.  Please meet the deadline above for equal consideration for course selections.


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myBlueprint Information (Course Selection): 

How to Create an Account: 

myBlueprint - Create an Account


How to Select Courses through myBlueprint: 

Your myBlueprint Course selection should look like this (Course levels may vary): 

  • Make sure you choose TWO alternates to your electives in case, for some reason, you can’t get your first choices.