Advanced Placement


What is Pre-AP?

Pre-AP is an advanced series of courses for students to help begin preparing for university and is designated to be a rigorous preparation for AP courses in Grade 12. The courses are intended to be challenging, but the benefits to students are well worth the extra work. For a description of courses and samples of exams for each AP subject please visit . There are over 30 AP courses in the syllabus. From this selection, Holy Trinity offers the following Pre-AP courses:

Holy Trinity Grade 9 Pre-AP programImage result for advanced placement

  • English (ENG1DA)
  • Mathematics (MPM1DA)
  • Science (SNC1DA)
  • Geography (CGC1DA)
  • French (FSF1DA)

Holy Trinity Grade 10 Pre-AP Program:

  • English (ENG2DA)
  • Mathematics (MPM2DA)
  • Science (SNC2DA)
  • History (CHC2DA)
  • French (FSF2DA)

Holy Trinity Grade 11 Pre-AP Program Choices: 

  • English (ENG3UA)
  • Mathematics (MCR3UA)
  • Physics (SPH3UA)
  • Biology (SBI3UA)
  • Chemistry (SCH3UA)
  • History (Ancient Civilizations) (CHW3MA)
  • French (FSF3UA)

Holy Trinity Grade 12 AP Program Choices:

  • English Literature and Composition (ENG4UA)
  • Geography (CGW4UA)
  • History (CHY4UA)
  • Calculus AB (MHF4UA & MCV4UA)
  • Physics (SPH4UA)
  • Chemistry (SCH4UA)
  • Biology (SBI4UA)
  • French Language (FSF4UA)

Description of the Learner

Students who are high achievers (level 4) in the core subject areas can apply for enrollment in the Pre-AP program. AP students are motivated and dedicated to schoolwork, committed to homework, and extra reading and research. They are responsible, able to multitask, prioritize activities, and meet deadlines. AP students are prepared and organized, and can successfully work both independently and collaboratively.

Assessment and Evaluation

Offers a rich, rigorous, and thoughtful university level curriculum, with accommodations if required.
Students who successfully complete an AP examination have the opportunity to receive university credit or advanced standing depending on the policy of the specific university.
Former AP students speak of their easier transition from secondary school to university owing to the strong academic skills, knowledge, and academic confidence gained through participation in the AP program.
Students do not have to write the AP examination; it is an option. The main objective of the course is to provide students with an excellent preparation for University.

Advantages for the Parent

Students will be evaluated according to the Ministry’s assessment and evaluation policy documents. AP Exam marks in grade 12 are independent of the school marks given for the course..
For the school based mark, the students will be evaluated on the appropriate grade level curriculum expectations and, in addition, will reflect the differentiated content of the Pre-AP and AP courses.
Students will have the opportunity to earn up to 5% for successful completion of curriculum extensions.
The course mark as determined above will be multiplied by 1.05 to determine the mark that will be reported on the Provincial Report Card.

Advantages for the Student

  • Potential for a reduction of university costs for son/daughter upon entering university.
  • No additional costs to parent, other than the cost of writing the exam (approximately $110 per exam).
    Opportunity to view the program’s curriculum alignment of expectations in each subject area as a whole, understanding how each course is a foundation for the next course.
  • Opportunity to view son/daughter excel in a program which challenges their child to develop and demonstrate high order critical thinking skills and study habits, as well as transition into a post secondary education with greater ease and success.

Pre-AP applications are available to all students entering Holy Trinity for grade 9 at publicized information nights and in the Student Services office. Admission to the AP Program beyond grade 9 is handled on a case by case basis through Student Services and school administration.

Administration approval is required to enter the program.


If you have further questions regarding the program, you can call Holy Trinity Student Services at (905) 257-3534