Scholarships & Awards

 Scholarships! ($$$$)

Attention Grade 12 students! There are many opportunities to earn some extra money as you transition to the next level – book an appointment with your Counsellor and find out what opportunities wait for YOU!

Best of luck to all of our students!

Sites/ Resources you Need:

Key websites to access for information:

  • Fill in your profile and be matched to scholarships in their database
  • OSAP – estimate how much money you will be eligible for through OSAP
  • Use Aeroplan or TD Points from the Travel Rewards Program to help pay for your education through HigherEdPoints
  • – various listings of college, university and institutional scholarships sorted into various groupings such as:
    top ranking universities, categories i.e. high school seniors, women, etc.), by deadline, by province
  • – created by students for students. Their goal is to help all Canadian Students find external scholarships in Canada.
  • – The “dosomething” website listed has a particular emphasis on social justice and related causes, as opposed to academics.
  • Government of Canada Student Financial Assistance homepage
  • – 100% free to students, where scholarships are updated everyday


  • einfo – links to individual university scholarships/awards/bursaries available for Ontario
  • – links and information on numerous scholarships (this is the site for

Also – Consult the Student Services BINDER in Student Services !


Please ensure that you do your research for the various University and local scholarships regarding criteria, nomination procedures(if required), and application deadlines as these do vary. For University deadlines see Then click on the FINANCE tab to search for individual major university scholarships. For local scholarships, check here regularly for updates and listen to morning announcements.

Some scholarships will require a school nomination. Scholarships that do require a school nomination for example are: The Loran Scholarship, The University of Toronto National Scholarship, and the Queen’s Chancellor/Quarms scholarship and the like. Holy Trinity reserves the right to select a candidate that best meets the scholarship criteria. Potential nominees are asked to speak with their counsellor to start the process one month prior to a major scholarship deadline for consideration.

New!! 2018/2019 Scholarship Information:

The Loran Scholarship

Attention Grade 12 students. The Loran Scholarship cycle for 2018 has begun. If you are interested in applying for this scholarship please check out the information on the Loran website at Please read the eligibility criteria and the selection process carefully. As in previous years, you will need to submit a transcript, request a reference from a teacher or community member and have their school sponsorship confirmed (if applicable) before the deadline. If you believe that you meet their criteria and are interested in applying for this scholarship please submit a nomination letter to the Holy Trinity Student Services department by October 24th, 2018. 

Holy Trinity reserves the right to select candidates that best meets the scholarship criteria.

The Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship

The Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship program is offering up to $10,000 for post-secondary studies. Applications are due by October 25 2018. For more information about eligibility and application dates please visit:  

University of Toronto National Book Award

Students interested in applying for the University of Toronto National Book Award are asked to visit the following link to read about eligibility and steps to applying. National Book Award recipients are students who demonstrate superior academic performance, original and creative thought, and exceptional achievement in a broad context. They excel in academic pursuits, demonstrate enthusiasm for intellectual exploration and have a strong involvement in the lives of their schools and communities. The nominee must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person, intending to begin university study in September 2018.This award does require a school nomination. Nomination letters are due to guidance by October 27th.  This is not a monetary award.