Mary Mother of God Parish – CWL Invitation

The Catholic Womens League of Canada, Mary Mother of God Parish Council Invites become a member, or renew your membership,

The CWL is a national organization, of over 95,000 women, rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God. In joining, you will be provided with the opportunity for spiritual growth and development, participation in social activities and charitable fundraisers, as well as the opportunity to take part and help in community, diocesan, provincial and/or national issues affecting you, your friends, and your families. If you are interested in spiritual development, developing a social network, or are interested in contributing to charitable works or legislative changes.


Contactthe parish officeE-Mail:mmogp@bellnet.cafor more information or to join.

Women Interested / 16 years of age+. Membership $25.00 and includes the League quarterly magazine.

We hope to meet you.


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