New Attendance Email

Hello Holy Trinity Parents!

Holy Trinity has a new attendance email address that allows you to report your son or daughters absence.

In the body of the email please let us know the full name of your child, their grade and reason for the absence.

We can only accept emails from a parent/legal guardian email address on file with the school. If you would like to update your email address with the school please call our guidance office.  If you are not able to email from one of the registered addresses, please call in to the attendance line as you traditionally have done.

As per our safe arrival policy, attendance messages are sent out each day at 11:30am for period one and two and 4pm for period three and four class.  Please make sure you call or email in well in advance of these times to avoid phone calls.

Please contact your son or daughters Vice-Principal if you have any concerns.

Please email us at:


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