Oakville’s Holy Trinity students shoot YouTube parody video for Earth Day

Oakville Beaver

What started as a class project at Oakville’s Holy Trinity Secondary School has turned into a social media campaign to stop climate change.

Chemistry teacher Heather Rutkowski and her class, in a joint initiative with the Oakville school’s environmental club, run by teacher William Hoch and Grade 11 student Madison McNevitts, have produced a YouTube parody video of the Taylor Swift song Blank Space.

Titled Revolution Music Video – Blank Space Earth Day Parody, the video calls on the Canadian government to make a more concerted effort toward saving the Earth’s oceans. It was published Monday, ahead of the recognition of Earth Day tomorrow (Wednesday).

The students, who had been working on the video since January, were inspired by the documentary Revolution by Rob Stewart, said McNevitts.

“(It) discusses the importance of saving our oceans… (and) environmental dead zones in areas that were once flourishing and a push on policy makers and everyday people to make a change. They also mention shark finning — millions of sharks die each year, but are necessary for ocean survival,” she said. “It was done was a way to inspire kids to make a difference, but also raise awareness of issues that our world is facing.”

The music video sees students singing about the negative impacts of climate change and spreading their message to other students and staff in their high school — and even to a parodied Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The students decided to take the initial class project and turn into a video to post on YouTube as way to ensure their message of environmental protection would spread beyond their school’s hallways.

“The power of social media is immense,” said McNevitts.

“If we use social media as a tool, we can reach people beyond our community and beyond Oakville in order to work together. By reaching beyond that, we can use it as a way to reach our goal: get everyone working together to stop climate change and stop harming the environment.”

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