Uniform Policy

The school uniform is intended to develop a sense of pride and self-discipline and unites us as a Catholic Learning Community.

The Board tendered our uniform products and In School Wear is our official supplier. Therefore, as of January 1, 2017, the sole uniform provider for all Halton Catholic elementary and secondary schools is ISW Uniforms: www.iswuniforms.com. Oakville Store, 505 Iroquois Shore Rd., Unit 7




In making the decision to attend Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School students and parents have made a commitment to comply with and support the school uniform policy.


  • White French cut blouse with logo; short or long sleeve
  • White Oxford shirt, with logo, long/short sleeve
  • White golf shirt with logo
  • Taupe, flat front dress pants (embroidered)
  • Khaki, flat front walking shorts (unrolled) (embroidered)
  • Footwear must have closed toe and closed heel


  • White Oxford shirt, with logo, long/short sleeve
  • White or black golf shirt with logo
  • Taupe, pleated/flat dress pants (embroidered)
  • Khaki walking shorts (embroidered)
  • Footwear must have closed toe and closed heel


  • Black V-neck pullover with logo
  • Black hoodie with school cresting
  • Rugby shirt with logo


  • Students must be in complete uniform, worn properly and modestly, from the time they enter the school building until dismissal at the end of the school day, including lunch periods in all areas of the school.
  • All clothing items must be the original style and condition. Ripped, torn, defaced, stained or unhemmed items are not permitted.
  • A plain white T-shirt only shall be worn under a uniform dress or golf shirt/blouse or school hoodie. Please note a long-sleeve T-shirt is not to be worn under a short sleeve shirt/blouse or golf shirt. In addition, plain white means no logos, sayings, pictures or graphics of any kind.
  • A uniform shirt/blouse must be worn underneath uniform sweaters, with the exception of the hoodie (plain white t-shirt, but a uniform shirt must be worn if the hoodie is removed).
  • Non-uniform sweaters are NOT to be worn in the school building. Jackets/coats and non-uniform sweaters are to be removed upon entering the building. This includes all Spirit clothing purchased through a co-curricular activity.
  • Hats are never worn in the school, including civvies days and exam days. Hats will be confiscated if worn in the building. Also, they are not to be brought into any class. Bandanas, scarves and similar headwear are not permitted. Plain, narrow head bands only. [Religious exemptions will be made.]
  • The waist of the dress slacks is to be worn at the student’s waist.
  • Pant legs are not to be worn inside the socks. In addition, pant legs are not to be rolled up at all and must be properly hemmed. Walking shorts are not to be rolled up and the school logo must be visible.
  • Shoes must have an enclosed toe and heel. In addition, for safety reasons, platform shoes are not permitted. Boots are not permitted.
  • Accessories (scarves, studded jewelry, heavy chains etc…) are not to be worn in the school at any time.

The Administration reserves the right to decide on appropriate attire.

  • School spirit wear is NOT to be worn in place of the proper uniform items.
  • Physical Education uniforms must be purchased through the Phys Ed Department and should provide for comfortable, modest and safe movement during activities.

Only students who are in complete uniform will be admitted to class.

“Out of Uniform = Out of Class”


  • Clothing with inappropriate logos, sayings, pictures or graphics of any kind is not acceptable at school
  • Tank tops, halter tops, crop/midriff tops, cut-off shorts and torn jeans are not to be worn at school; no bare midriffs, bare shoulders or spaghetti straps
  • No short skirts, low rise jeans or pajamas and slippers are allowed;
  • no chains, studded collars or studded wristbands are acceptable
  • Students may not wear coloured scarves, bandanas or handkerchiefs that identify them as belonging to a particular group, in other words “no gang colours”.
  • Shorts should cover to mid-thigh when seated.

The Administration reserves the right to decide on appropriate attire.

NOTE: Students who insist on coming to school inappropriately dressed for civvies day will not be allowed into class.

If any student has lost their civvies day privileges, they are expected to be in full uniform on civvies days; if they show up to school in civvies they will face the consequences associated with defiance and, in addition, they may lose their civvies day privileges for the balance of the year.