Timelines & Application

Click to view the Holy Trinity AP Brochure 

Here is the link to the PowerPoint we went through at our AP Presentation.

AP PowerPoint Presentation CC 2018

Enrolment Period into Pre-AP Program at Holy Trinity CSS

  • Time frame: AP Online Applications are now closed. If you wish to apply for our pre-AP program, please contact Student Services. 

To enrol in our Pre-AP Program, the following must be completed:

  • Must be willing to apply to a minimum of TWO AP Courses
  • Must register for a Google account (Link) in order to complete the Pre-AP Application (Contact Student Services)

Parents/Guardians are Notified about AP Applications

  • Parents / Guardians have been notified about acceptance for the 2019-2020 school year.

  • Parents/Guardians are contacted via E-MAIL to indicate the status of their son/daughter’s AP Application. E-mails will indicate if the application has been:
  1. Accepted into an AP Course
  2. Denied enrolment into an AP Course
  3. Has been put on a Waiting List for enrolment into an AP course

Submission of Grade 8 Midterm Report Cards

After you receive your child’s grade 8 first term report card, please drop off a copy to Holy Trinity’s Student Services.