Prefect / Mentor Program

The prefect program provides the opportunity for students to hold formal leadership positions and to provide mentorship within the Holy Trinity Catholic community.


The goals of the prefect program are:

  • To instill and develop leadership qualities in students
  • To give students the opportunity to support and be a part of the school’s goals by assisting in the school program
  • To allow students a formal opportunity to serve the school community
  • To provide additional responsibilities as it pertains to school events
  • To develop mentorship skills. (Gr. 11)


  • To act as mentors and leaders of our Catholic school community
  • To become mentors to grade nines to assist with the transition into high school. (Gr. 11)
  • To promote positive, constructive leadership as senior students to the student body
  • To assist the schools administration in supporting initiatives that serves the goals of the school
  • To represent the school at particular junctions or to welcome distinguished guests to school
  • To act in an ambassadorial role whenever required. (Gr 12)


Students wishing to become a Prefect must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of our Catholic values and respect the dignity of others
  • Full time student in good standing
  • Excellent attendance record
  • Active leadership initiatives in the school
  • Active leadership in classroom activities
  • Act as role models for student body