University Information Session Checklist

University Information Session Checklist


? First University Information Session. Wednesday September 10th Lunch 3A or 3C.

?You must have 6 grade 12 U/M courses completed by June 30, 2015 to apply to university along with successful EQAO results and 40 hours of community service. All hours are due at the end of November this year. Have them done? HAND THEM IN! Look at Common Course Codes. You might not find IDC4U or HRE4M but a course like PAF4OW or HRE4O does not count as a university admission course.

? OUAC Application Session in the November meeting. It is important that you sign-up today after this session for those applying to university in the 2015 school year. Sign up for the university application process happens in early to mid-November. Signup sheets are in guidance. You will be receiving your access pin numbers for registering to University at that time. Sign up for a presentation during your spare. If you do not have a spare, you must check with your teacher if you plan to attend during a class. If tests, assignments or presentations are scheduled, you must tend to that and pick another period that doesnt conflict.


? Review Important Dates. Handout is on the school web site Go to the Academic Tab and click on the Guidance and Coop link to download the file.


? From September to November 2014 research and compare universities and college programs online: Go to www.electronicinfo.caor .


Research so you have a Plan A, B, and/or C








? 1. Ontario Universities Fair-The Fair takes place Sept. 19-21 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. No admission cost but parking will be charged, go train accessible as well. You can go to do a follow up for unanswered questions from the September Fair.

? 2. Hamilton/Niagara, Oakville HOLY TRINITY EVENING UIP on Oct. 9 @ 7pm-9pm.

? 3. HOLY TRINITY DAY TIME UIP (FOR HT STUDENTS ONLY) Friday October 17th during all Periods. Sign-up sheets will be in Student Services. Do your homework because some reps may tell you what you want to hear. Avoid costly errors and research what you need to get into your program.

? The Atlantic UIP at HOLY TRINITY September 29th 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the atrium. All Canadian Universities from the Atlantic coast will be in attendance.


? CUDO (Common University Data Ontario) you will find a lot of very worthwhile information to look at graduation rates, class size, choose the University of Interest and look at it in more detail / deferred admission policy for example. Go to

? Applied Degree Programs that are offered at the Colleges as well. Marks are usually lower. Entrance is a min of 65%. 6U/M credits are still required. This is an option for students that dont have the marks but can earn a university degree in college in a more hands on way to learn. See For transfer guide visit Excellent information.


? Automatic scholarships. Listen to the announcements for outside scholarships such as IODE, Maycourt, and Rotary. Check with parents place of employment or

? Campus Visits are critical states where and when. Usually available during the fall and March break as well. You are asked to register in advance. Book online or over the phone.









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